To be very honest with you, I can’t believe I’m actually typing this… but as of today, this will be my first ever blog post. I mean, what has my life come to? Who would’ve ever thought I’d be writing a blog post? Let alone one for my own blog. I’m actually a little speechless, for once….

So about 2 months ago now,  I felt like I was taking the biggest risk of my life when I decided to dump my 9-5 job at YSL in Farmers as a Counter Manager. I had absolutely no idea what was coming next… and as of a few weeks ago, I was constantly battling huge waves of thrill and excitement one minute to then be drowned in tsunami’s of being completely lost the next. But knowing this jump was one for myself, my love for makeup artistry and being creative, it started to make the water very clear the second I started doubting my decision…

Along with the rest of them, I totally thought this whole self employment thing would be a piece of cake – not necessarily the ‘getting bookings’ part of being a Freelance Makeup Artist, but much like everything else which was the whole concept of working from home, working your own hours and being your own boss.


About a week into it, man did I have the biggest reality check.

Good ol’ lazy Tessa made her re-appearance, since going missing in 2015. She was snoozing the alarm 5 times every morning and scrolling the world on her phone without seeing the minutes turn into hours. She had simply just lost her rhythm. Until blogging came to mind.

Without throwing my makeup biz in the bin, I wanted to give something else a go. A little something that would keep me from going crazy every Mon-Thurs when I didn’t have so many bookings. I’ve never thought of myself as a great writer, and to be honest, I think I’m actually quite dyslexic… it takes me hours to read & write anything… (including this post). But you know what? NONE of that matters when you love what you’re doing & have all the time in the world to do it.

It’s been a whirlwind couple of months. I’ve learnt a sh*t load… and I know I’m only halfway to realising how wicked this chapter in my new life can be. I just have to work a little harder!

Some of you do ask what I do for work and to that fact, SAME! So let me just briefly break it down for you.

So other than stating the obvious of being a Freelance Makeup Artist, I also run 2 social channels and now this blog. I help create content for a few small businesses around NZ and one in the UK, all while I attempt to build my business. By this I mean, I try everything in my creative power to be as captivating and engaging through stories, posts and photos that you guys will *hopefully*love and in turn *again, hopefully* this will help grow my business so I can do this a lot more.

Whether you just want to feel like you can relate to someone, or having some down time over a cuppa tea reading new beauty bits, there is an endless amount of inspiring people who are creating content which makes me wanna do more, see more, make more everyday.

Support is everything & I truly do appreciate everyone that has been with me on this ride so far.

Exciting times ahead,

Tessa x

3 thoughts on “WELCOME TO MY NEW LIFE

  1. Awesome read, looking forward to your content, cool to see a Manawatu/palmy girl do big things 🙂

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