Winter Skincare Faves|| Bobbi Brown

Falling back in love with old Skincare ‘holy grails’, I’ve found, is my new favourite thing to discover. There is nothing better than having a dig through some drawers and finding your past time lovers at the bottom of it. (!) This is what I did a couple days ago now, and although I have given new Skincare a go, I couldn’t understand what problems my skin was going through so I reverted back to a routine that gave me the results I wanted – Healthy glowing skin, yes plz!

Although it’s technically only been Winter for 4 days now, it’s certainly been like this for a while now. Here’s a peek at my 8 faves with Bobbi Brown to combat this cold, nasty weather… So let me know what you think, and if you’ve ever tried them before?!

– Soothing Cleansing Oil & Soothing Cleansing Milk –

If you follow me over at my makeup instagram you would’ve seen that I mentioned these products earlier on last week, and I have no doubts that I’ll be mentioning them again. I ~ love ~ a good face wash, I mean who doesn’t? It’s just so good, I haveee to do it twice!!

Soothing Cleansing Oil leaves your skin feeling so fresh & clean. It’s gentle, soft and suitable for any skin type including oily AND it smells amazing!! So much goodness it just melts all that makeup off! Goodbye liquid eyeliner & day old mascara, hello clean, fresh skin!

Soothing Cleansing Milk is another beautiful cleanser packed full of goodness to soften and plump the skin and better yet, leaves no grit whatsoever!! Ultimate must have in a cleanser, however, Soothing Cleansing Oil is better at removing makeup. So, as a pair, they set you up to have perfectly prepped skin, ready for the rest of the routine – Oh HEY glowing skin!

Hydrating Face Tonic & Skin Moisture Solution Remedy – 

Picking a Toner and a Serum can be the hardest chore when trying to find a routine. I’ve cut mine down to wanting hydration & these two will for sure do the job.

Hydrating Face Tonic is ready to apply immediately after cleansing, leaving your skin soft and soothed, taking away the feeling of having stripped, bare skin. Such a refreshing hydrating step I never miss out!

Skin Moisture Remedy is the ultimate moisture magnet and will bring hydration to your skin by the bus load with only 2 drops, the only serum I’m using this Winter – Love it!

Extra Repair Face Cream SPF25 & Extra Repair Eye Cream

When it comes to choosing a moisturiser and to that fact an eye cream too, this is where I’m most picky… I hate anything too sticky or anything that just gets eaten up by my skin.. These picks are lifting, firming and super silky smooth. They will leave you feeling like you’ve had a full on pamper facial after every – single – use. Enriched in Clary Sage Ferment which boosts the skins ability to hold in moisture in both short term and over time… it’s a definite yes from me!

– Skin Nourish Mask & Extra Balm Tint –

Now of all of my picks, I’d thought I’d better save my ultimate faves till last..

Skin Nourish Mask – I’ve had to give myself a bit of a limit with this product, I’m just a little over obsessed and found myself popping it on at any given chance… I use this one as a moisturiser/lil something extra. This is verryy similar to the one I just showed you, however, it’s a little more intense but really puts the cherry on top when wanting that dewy, luminous skin. So perfect for no makeup days, it leaves your skin ~glowing~ and bright – you can even pop a little under a soft foundation and viola!! Dewy glowing skin – here we come…

Extra Balm Tint – To be very honest, I really really reeaaally love this one, it makes my lips nice and juicy, very far from chapped – and as silly as it might sound it is LIKE, SOOOO convenient. I love that it’s just like a lipstick and so easy to apply -rather than a round tin or squeezy annoying thing. On my no makeup days, I put some on my cheeks & the pink tint gives me a fresh flush looking like a natural blush. Seriously, I do this… its a MAJOR life hack!

YEP, I’m very aware I’ve used the words glowing, fresh and radiant about 58 times in this one post BUT, that’s what I’m all about this Winter & these products are really the best, so I just had to share! What are your skincare go-to’s for this Winter?

Tessa x

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