Very topical subject.. sometimes even a little touchy

So lots & lotss of Makeup Artists now days have zero qualifications. No, this isn’t a shady blog post about them.. but are you chasing that dream counter job? Or wanting to be set apart from the pack.. all the if’s, what’s & how’s answered below:

How to get started?

  • HAVE PASSION! First off, let’s state the obvious… You have to love what you do to be able to do it well and live your life how you want to! Tell people you do this, practice on family and friends & let everyone know this is what you wanna do. (Family & friends will always support you & be your first clients)

If you know me, you know growing up I had no idea what makeup was. I loved sports and everything not girly –  So in high school, I could’ve put my entire life on the fact that I wouldn’t ever be doing ‘makeup’ once I finished school…  but this is how I got started.

I studied Beauty Therapy at UCOL & throughout the entire year I worked hard, always went the extra mile and seemed to really enjoy makeup by the end of it. Come exam time I was extremely lucky to land a job with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics because I worked hard, studied, learnt my s**t & was fortunate enough to be rewarded.


  • SIGN UP ON A COURSE!  So yessss, another obvious one! Makeup brands will N-E-V-E-R hire someone without any experience in the industry! (Trust me with this one) Whether its 8 weeks or a year sign up and get qualified. You’ll have proof & your lecturers behind you as well as your institute/college you studied at. This will get you places, you get set up with a small kit as well as knowledge you just cannot learn off YouTube. You also get to meet some pretty cool people and feed inspo off each other too… ~best decision of my life~


There are a lot of courses you can apply for with Makeup Artistry & you can even find some that are as short as 8 weeks! If you want a little more under your belt, SFX is another option and will result in a longer period studying, or you can go my way & choose beauty therapy (you have to bare in mind, only a little portion of the year Makeup and Cosmetics) but it is so much funnnn!

  • WORK FLIPPIN HARD! With everything you do, going the extra mile gets you noticed. Offer to stay later, always be prepared to take extra clients and hand your assignments in early! It srsly gets you in the good books!! Lecturers or teachers LOVEEE students with good grades, so always put 110% into your work throughout the entire year and you will have nothing but support (and great references) < suppperrr important when wanting to score a job!

Set yourself away from those who do the bare minimum, because it’s the easiest trap to fall into. To achieve is easy but to excel is hard. I knew I didn’t want to waste time but most importantly my money & my life doing something half-assed… & I was very thankful I didn’t.


  • BUILD YOUR KIT. Whether you do nails, facials or makeup, building your kit while you’re starting out always helps! Most courses include some makeup and brushes in your starter kit but always get more so you can start doing side jobs. You’ll get your name out & people will start to notice you.

I started by just buying makeup because I liked it, but little did I know it was the perfect tool to start doing makeup for others. A few foundations, concealers, cheek colours, eyeshadow palettes and brushes are all you need to get the show on the road!

  • TAKE PHOTOS OF YOUR WORK! There is nothing worse than selling yourself for what you do if you don’t have proof! Create a page to showcase what you do (i reeeally wish I did it earlier) & people can see your talent. Word of mouth is something, but when people can see it for themselves, that’s you’re biggest turning point (!)

It’s very very important to be diverse.. ~my ultimate goal~ Show everyone you can do makeup on


No matter their skin type, colour or age!!

Selling yourself with the same ol’ cut crease ball girl will only get you…. ball girls.

So the more people you can do, the more people you can get.


  • APPLY FOR JOBS! If you are wanting a counter job, sign up to FARMERS OR COMPANY SITES (Estee Lauder Companies, L’Oreal Luxe, Shiseido Group) so when you sign up you can be notified about what jobs are going close to you.

It is very smart to try land one as soon as you can. You gain soooo many amazing things being under a brand. From luxurious goodies for your kit, to skills, brushes, meeting new artists, seeing how other artists do makeup, travelling, a reputation, ~A CLIENTELE~ (!) Just so so much…

Don’t forget you are trained by professionals who have been in the game longer than you’ve been born (lol) IT IS AMAZING! I was taught by someone who Bobbi Brown herself trained (!) Not to mention it was my first day of work *saaah lucky!*

To be able to go on your own, you must do all the groundwork first. IT IS WORTH IT

Keep trying no matter how much you get turned down!!

  • EVERYTHING ON THE INTERNET STAYS ON THE INTERNET – An extremely important part of recruitment. A brand will stalk you when you apply for a job. (Literally) They will see your social media sites & literally judge a book by its cover. Be sensible and responsible when you post. Brands are unlikely to employ girls with all your bits out or people who don’t represent who & what their brand stands for. Create an image you are proud of, be confident and be yourself. Your future depends on it.

I’ve found being some-what private with your personal life is supppper key. Know the brand before they know you.

  • COLLABORATE – There’s nothing worse than competition in the same industry! A lot of people say “Women empower other women” but lets be real, women empower who they wanna empower. Find people looking to get their name out there as well. Photographers, hairdressers, models?! Anyone! Your killing 2 birds with one stone…  Be engaging, comment, share, do giveaways, set incentives, be different! In saying that, also be mindful of who you talk to, not everyone wants you to do better than them…


  • HAVE A POINT OF DIFFERENCE – Everyone and their mum are on this bandwagon of Makeup & Instagram & YouTube (not a bad thing) but you-are-not gonna get noticed if you’re the same. STOP, research, brainstorm, how can you be different? What do you have that no one else does? Are you going to do nails and hair as well as makeup? Are you going to travel to everyone to get their makeup done? Possibilities are ENDLESS just find your mark in this business, there’s something out there for everyone.


  • ADVERTISE AND MAINTAIN YOUR REPUTATION. Advertising doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. Be smart with what you do and where you do this. Capture an audience and grow it. Use your platforms to push you to get more clients, it can be done! Great photography and editing skills are a plus – everyone loves a professional looking feed! When you have your clients, do everything you can to keep them – maintaining the relationship is everything. Set incentives – keep them coming back.

Last but certainly not the least

  • STAY INSPIRED AND STAY RELEVANT – Personally, when someones late to the party on a trend or topic it becomes unwanted and old. Keep up to date with everything going on in the world. Be creative with you’re take on content, find your motivation and keep at it. As a content creator, it is super important to post fun, capturing and quality content.


Well, that’s all from me, I certainly hope I’ve helped some of you to lead these successful lives you’re all destined to have. Soooo much can be done with some hard work. This is how I did it. Don’t wait for something to happen, go create it!

Lots of love,

Tessa x

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