COCOA LOCKS: Hot Choc for Healthy Hair

I must say, I’ve never really been one for hair care so I’ve always given the sprays, oils and extras a miss… well that was until the past few months.


Having naturally thicker hair, I’ve truly just thought, meh… I don’t need any product to make my hair grow, but I’ve only recently understood some of these gimicky things ACTUALLY work and you can really change the quality of you’re hair by looking after it! It’s like putting a good skincare routine into use, I’ve been making insane efforts when it comes to my locks (especially now that I got em’ dyed) so I thought I’d share my hidden secret with you all, the Cocoa Locks Hot Chocolate (£24.95)/($50NZD)  if you don’t fancy a Hot choc? ~ try the Chocolate Milkshake (£24.95)/($50NZD)


Now when it comes to hair care, I’ve always hated the idea of taking gummies or vitamins for growing my locks so a Hot Choc drink sat a lot better with me & after smashing back my first packet (1 months worth) I was a little shocked at how it managed to make my hair longer and stronger in only 28 days of trialling… seriously… 28 days! It’s formulated for fuller & longer hair and WAY, WAY more powerful than any vitamin or gummy pill.

Did I mention that it’s low cals, low fat & flippin’ delicious too? I have mine with a hot cup of milk & some Tim Tams (lol), so no, it’s not actually something gross you have to block your nose & sip.


The delicious milkshake & hot chocs are Vegetarian, Gluten and Cruelty free so you can get all the benefits without the guilt

Okay one last thing then I’ll stop… I’ve never been one to have shiny hair (I don’t even know how that happens, or what people use to make their hair so shiny and lucioussss) BUT for the first time ever, my hair shines, like, REALLY, shines! It’s a miracle! Well, it’s not really, it’s the hot choc… but yeah its friggin awesome! What’s your fav hair growth product???Tell me allllll!

Tessa x

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