H E L L O – 2 0 2 0


Firstly, I am so sorry – it’s been a minute hasn’t it? Thank you for your patience! I have SO much to tell YOU!

 I haven’t really been anywhere, just busy making adjustments to my daily routine & working on making this blog educational, un-baised and as a matter of fact – more active (lol)

All while juggling a teething toddler. Anywhoooo,

I’ve felt all the emotions towards my content over the past year… It’s been a year of experimenting, stepping back, throwing myself forward and, most importantly, falling back in love with creating all over again. It’s involved creative slumps alongside creative highs and all the emotions in between… But it has meant that I’m now at a point where I feel I’m finally getting to grips with everything…I’m confident in what type of content I want to make and what style I enjoy curating the most… I have a few wee ideas up my sleeve but ultimately this will be a collaboration between my head and my heart!

SO, what’s changing, what’s staying the same etc etc. Blog-wise, we’re sticking to one-two posts a week as of right now. They’re gonna be a mix of it all (as usual!) – beauty, lifestyle, food & travel… The only thing that will probably be taking a bit more of the limelight is my new journey through motherhood… It’s going to be a huge part of what I’m working on personally (MORE TO COME REAL SOON) && obvs I wanna bring you all along with me… each step of the way!

Amongst the madness – I must quickly address that my freelance career is currently on HOLD & I will not be taking any appointments during lockdown however, am open to any emails – need I say more? I think not. These times have been tough on us all, I miss work. I miss my clients –  All will resume in due time, I can’t wait to see everyone again.

If you’re yet to know me, you can read all about me in some of my previous posts.

If you’re already apart of this journey… thank you! All the love to you. X

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