You might remember, this time last year we were holidaying in PHUKET…. one of my most memorable, adventure-filled, exciting holidays YET & I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

We had five days in Phuket after being in Malaysia for 10 days during the Touch World Cup – and believe me when I say, I couldn’t get on that plane outta there fast enough (eek seriously tho…)

5 days full of squeezing everything in… and in rich tradition, we slept the entire first day away. Phuket had been on our bucket lists for YONKS & we finally got the chance to experience all of its beauty – I will link everything for you so it’s easier when your booking/looking to go!

We stayed at the Wyndham Sea Pearl – Phuket. I loved the look of the rooms, they had their own private pool & spa, lots of restaurants, bars and they had a FREE Shuttle Service into town (absolute must). This resort had everything – 11/10 would recommend, it was an absolute DREAM to stay at!

We all know Bangla Road and all it has to offer so I wont touch on any of that – too crazy! It’d need its own blog post. HOWEVER, I will touch on the massage parlours, like the legit ones, not those other ones…. They are a steal, honestly break ya bank! $15NZD for a one hour full body massage – these places are everywhere!! You can lose a full day just indulging!! I have no regrets, i’d go back for more.

A big one for me was to not visit unethical tourist hotspots, sites that didn’t condone animal abuse.. So it took hours and hours of investigating to find attractions that ticked the box. We found Kalim Elephant Care through our friends who had been there a few days before &&&& ohhh was it potentially T H E best thing I’ve ever experienced in my lifeee!

Time with the elephants was limited each day to a healthy amount, providing only 2, 2 hour tours daily with a max of 8 people per session. No chains, no rides. This place ticked all our boxes! We fed the elephants sugar cane while walking into the forest with them FREELY, like we were just walking the dog, but like an elephant… ? We made them food & got to bathe with them… the photos will explain, I don’t have anymore words.

ATV’ing & Ziplining was another MUST… we completed our lovely tour through Phuket Paradise. We were able to see a side of Phuket you can’t see from the roads, visited Big Budha & took on some crazy courses. Ziplining was tiring, 20 weeks pregnant trying to climb trees and walk in the jungle was hard work but the views were next to none..

James Bond Island was recommended to me A LOT by you guys, choosing a tour was harder then it needed to be. This is our tour but now that I’m home, MOST of the time they are all the same, they leave from the same port, take the same amount of time, all offer the same activities (lunch, canoeing and sometimes same stop-overs etc.)  It’s just a different boat.  I loved ours, ~so much~- a full day of relaxing, sight seeing and just thoroughly enjoying ourselves.

Although majority of the time, I felt very safe – I will quickly add a few places I would avoid;

  • Monkey shows, elephant riding, even places like Tiger Kingdom. Visit sanctuaries!

  • Bars that look empty when you expect them to be full… they are empty for a reason.

  • On that note, massage parlours that are empty and have tonnes of women standing out the front… HA, go as you please.

  • Be careful where you wonder at night, drunk. (Ladies) Men everywhere ready to leave in their Tuk Tuk’s LOL.

  • Giving in to bartering, don’t feel bad – we all know the go. They buy their goods for CENTS… yes Cents. Buying a fake Gucci bag for $50-$60 NZD… would u really?

  • Tourist booking hubs – some are scams, although we never were, most aren’t legit and there is no way of getting your money back. Look around and ask or book on a trusted website. (Ill link below)

Helpful booking sites I used when booking things to do: Most are all apps you can download to your phone as well.

Klook – Activites and Attractions. Hire a driver

Expedia – Accommodation, Activity recommendations

Groupon – Activites and Attractions

STA Travel– Travel Agency (booked, flights, transfers and accommodation)

Happy planning x

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