Introducing – Kōrero Māmā

Right-o, now that I’m officially cool enough to be in the mum club, I’ve added a new segment to this blog titled ‘Kōrero Māmā’ – mum talk.

SO… my motive behind this is to find mutual connections we have as mothers through blogs written first hand. I want you to be able to come and read, knowing someone else is going through experiences similar to yours… I want you to feel less alone, to feel listened to, but most of all to inspire & be inspired.. We’re here to teach and to learn.

Korero Mama Logo


Myself & fellow mama’s from all walks will be sharing our lives with the world in the light of empowering, elevating and educating other māmā or māmā to be. From our breastfeeding journey right through to our postpartum journeys & all of the inbetweens. Creating a base for all mothers to come and feel at home.

New mums, SAH mums, boss mums and mums to be – it’s a hub for everyone.

Fortnightly posts are the plan – if you’re wanting to share you experiences on Korero Mama – i’d love to hear from you

Tessa X


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