Finally — level 2 is here.

After a very long, forced holiday, peak season, the wait is finally over (kinda). This means I can finally start booking & seeing  Y O U  lovely people again!  This COVID thing has been a really tough pill to swallow, and as you all know ‘social-distancing’ and makeup don’t really go well. But thank you for staying patient and staying loyal, I have been truly blown away by the amount of support I’ve received from my clients & I know postponing something you’ve been looking forward to for months, even years isn’t the easiest either, so thank you again.

Due to GOVT restrictions around social distancing, I am unable to hold more than one client in my studio at a time & have an added amount of requirements we now have to adhere to. However, health, above all, is the most important thing we have, so safety will ALWAYS be put first. Here is an updated list of services I will be offering, hoping that in due time, things can get back to normal again.

What's Available
I have always put my clients’ best interests first, no matter the situation and post COVID-19 I still will. I have decided to slash prices of some of my most popular services in order to help you as well! A full list of my services can be found here

With very few avenues to explore in the world of makeup and artistry, I have ALSO been working tirelessly to find something more unique & I hope you are all going to love it — announced very very soon!

As a small business, I do hope you postpone rather than cancel, & if you wish to leave reviews, testimonials, send photos of your special day, share socials… even the smallest (free) things make all the difference & I will be just as grateful! As per always, thank you so much for all the support you continue to show me —  I cannot thank you enough.

I hope to see you, very soon X

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